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Group Leader Packet

Download the Group Leader Packet using the button or read the contents below. NOTE: the PDF download contains necessary forms for registration.

Welcome to SuperKids Camp 2020!

We’re so excited you’ve decided to join us for a fun-filled week as we focus on BRAVE – Joshua 1:9. We’ll discover we can be strong & courageous, not because of the strength of our own roar but because we have a heavenly Dad who is with us wherever we go, and whose roar surpasses all! Don’t miss out as we work on our roar this summer & strengthen our spiritual walk with our great Dad. Looking forward to seeing you for a super week at Super Kids Camp 2020!


Registration can be completed here. You will need to register your Church Group before entering your individual information for each camper and sponsor. After you register your church group you will recieve a church group link. Please forward the link to your parents and leaders for them to sign up with your church group or have them visit and click the registration button beside your church name to register. You may choose to register your individual campers and sponsors or have a parent or guardian register their camper. Super Kids Camp is for kids who have completed the 3rd-6th grade.

Create Your Church Group Registration and reserve spots for your church group beginning Feb. 5th.

Cost for camp is $199 per person.



  • Feb. 5 – Group Registration opens online
  • May 20 – A $50 deposit for each person is required. (This deposit is non-refundable after May 20, 2020)
  • May 20 – Camper/Sponsor individual online registration due online
  • June 1 – Final camp balance payment due
  • June 5 – Abuse Awareness Training completed for adult leaders/sponsors



All cancellations after May 20 will not be refunded. When this occurs, deposits cannot be refunded after this date, so please make any changes before May 20. You can make changes to your camp registration by contacting the camp director at or 501.376.4791, ext 5193.



Please submit payments by check by the deadlines to the following (Please write in the memo line payment is for Super Kids Camp and your church name):

Arkansas Baptist State Convention c/o Super Kids Camp
10 Remington Drive
Little Rock, AR 72204



All Medical Health Forms must be completed online for each camper and adult leader/sponsor before camp. Please make sure parents have completed the medications and dosages on the online health form for any campers who will need medication administered during camp. Please bring all labeled medications with you to turn in to the camp nurse during registration. The camp nurse will administer medications during camp. Instructions will be given to the Church Group Leader during Check-in about where to bring a camper to recieve their medications during camp.


Note to Group Leader:

Liability release signed during online registration covers activities and programs at Camp Paron. This does not cover your church group transportation to Camp Paron. It is recommended to have a separate parent-signed Release Form for your church group.



Registration will be from 1-3 pm on Monday. Please send your Church Group Leader/Contact to the Dining Hall to check in your church group.

  • Statement of Compliance
  • Camper Ministry cards
  • ALL medications that need to be administered to campers – please make sure dosages have been updated on their online registration health form before coming to camp. These will be turned into the camp nurse.



Each church will need to provide a minimum of one sponsor for every 7 campers of each gender with a minimum of 2 sponsors per gender (this is for safety reasons in case of emergencies). Every sponsor must be *19 years of age or older and will need to have a completed background check through ABSC and completed the MinistrySafe Abuse Awareness Training by June 5. *Sponsors 18 years of age are allowed on a case-by-case basis and require a letter of recommendation from the church’s pastor.

A MinistrySafe training link will be sent to each sponsor following their individual online registration to complete the abuse awareness training. If a sponsor has completed the MinistrySafe training within the past two years they will not have to complete the training again. If your leaders have taken the awareness training at your church within the last year the leader or church group leader may submit their certificate to the camp director.

Please note for the safety of your kids we ask each sponsor to rotate with your group during the scheduled activities. Sponsors will be assigned to a specific track to assist the track leader. We also encourage the sponsors to travel to a Bible Study class with one of their group grade teams to assist the Bible Study Leaders.



Each church will be assigned a cabin for boys and a cabin for girls. Each cabin holds up to
24 people. Churches may be assigned to a cabin with other churches based on the number of campers attending. You will recieve your housing specifics during check-in. Linens are not provided, so each person will need to bring twin bedding, a pillow, and towels.



Campers will be divided into teams/Bible study groups based on the grade they just completed and assigned a team color. Take time to double check with the parents which school grades their children have just completed. We want to have the campers in the correct Bible Study.



Our missions offering for the week will go to Pure Water, Pure Love which provides missionaries with water filters that supplies families with clean water. For more info visit



This is time designated for you to follow-up with your church group after worship each evening. Use this time to recap what the kids studied or have your own church group devotional/activity time.



If a camper requires medical attention while at camp, the camper is responsible for the cost. If the camper does not have insurance, the sponsoring church will be the financially responsible party.



Email and attach ministry card with any special needs which we should be aware of prior to camp to the camp director. Please specify if it is a mobility, dietary, housing, or emotional/spiritual need and include the week you will be attending camp.



We will work with church leaders to handle cases of illness at camp on a case-by-case basis. We must ask that campers displaying flu-like symptoms be sent home for the safety of all campers. Please do not bring children who are already showing symptoms of sickness before you leave home.



We will have a camp nurse on site to help with minor injuries and to dispense medications. We recommend that you bring band aids & anti-itch spray for minor scrapes and cuts. Medications
for your child will need to be put in a ziplock bag with your child’s name, medication
dispensation form with detailed instructions/times, and the parent’s name/phone number.

Please make sure parents have updated the information on their online health form.



Your church group is responsible to pay for damages to any facilities or residence cabins caused by your group.



Camp Paron has a camp store filled with all the wonderful things campers would want—camp Paron t-shirts, small toys, popcorn, ice cream, candy, drinks
and more. Range $1(candy/drinks)-$14 (t-shirts)


Kids will choose their top 5 choices. They will participate in 2 tracks.


Each camper will pick their top 5 choices when they register online.
Please explain they may not get their top two choices, but they will get two of their top five choices. Each camper will have the opportunity to participate in two tracks during camp.


  • ART WORKS – Let the creativity flow with a combination of painting, crafting & more!
  • BASKETBALL – Learn the basic fundamentals and improve your Basketball skills.
  • BOYS ONLY – Camping skills
  • CONSTRUCTION ZONE – Hands-on building activities for architects in the making.
  • DISCOVERY LAB – Measured out, Mind-Blowing fun! Experience safe scientific experiments.
  • DUCT TAPE CREATIONS – Make awesome creations out of rolls of Duct Tape.
  • FLAG FOOTBALL – Learn the basic fundamentals and improve your Flag Football skills.
  • GARAGE BAND – Rhythmic sounds using sticks, trash cans, etc.
  • KITCHEN CONCOCTIONS – Cook & create fun foods.
  • MESSY GAMES – Soak up some fun with sponges, water, and more.
  • NO BOYS ALLOWED – Girls Track Only – Girly stuff-painting nails, etc.
  • OUTDOOR GAMES – Grab your sunscreen. Run, Throw, & Tag.
  • PRAISE STEPS – Interpretative choreography to music.
  • SIGN LANGUAGE – Learn the basics and perform a song through American Sign Language.
  • SPLISH SPLASH – Pool Games


  • Sleeping bag or twin bedding, pillow, blanket

  • Shampoo, soap, bodywash, toothpaste, toothbrush, deodorant, etc

  • Towels & Washcloths

  • Insect repellant

  • Medications

  • Clothes that can be worn to Recreation and Track Times (tshirts/shorts for

    each day)

  • Clothes that can get messy for some track times

  • Colored shirt for your team color: (3rd-Yellow, 4th-Blue, 5th-Red, 6th-Camo)

  • Modest swimsuits (see dress code below)

  • Bag for dirty clothes

  • Towels – for the pool and for showers

  • Tennis shoes for Rec/Outdoor Track Times

  • Shower shoes

  • Rain poncho/Umbrella

  • Bible, notepad, pen, and backpack to carry things

  • Water bottle

  • Sunscreen

  • Spending money for snacks, Camp Store, and missions offering

  • An alarm clock


  • Anything that advertises alcohol, tobacco, illegal drugs
  • Anything that promotes racism, sexism, or hatred of any group or person
  • Anything that promotes sexual actions or situations
  • Short or tight-fitting clothing
  • Alcohol, tobacco or tobacco products, illegal drugs, fireworks, laser pointers, or any kind of weapon
  • iPods, tablets, laptops, skateboards, game consoles, cell phones or other items at the discretion of your Church Group Leader

DRESS CODE for kids & adults, boys & girls

  • No Soffee shorts, sagging pants/shorts or “short shorts.” Shorts must extend to the campers’ finger tips.
  • No spaghetti straps, bare shoulders, deep cut shirts, tank tops, mesh jerseys, tight fitting clothes or visible undergarments.
  • No shirts that show midriffs or shorts/pants that have writing on the bottom.
  • No message t-shirts featuring rock music groups, alcohol, tobacco products, or inappropriate suggestive statements.
  • Swimsuits must be modest. Girls swimsuits should be a one piece, a tankini that comes down to the bottoms, or they may opt for a swim shirt. Boys swimsuits must be long and extend to or past their fingertips. Shoes and swim cover-ups must be worn to and from the pool.
  • Tights, leggings or yoga pants should not be worn as pants. If so, they must also
    wear shorts and/or a top that extends to or past the fingertips.


  1. CONDUCT: Every camper is expected to conduct themselves in a Christian manner and obey all the rules.
  2. LIGHTS OUT: This time will be specified on each camp schedule, and no camper is to be outside their cabin
    after this time.
  3. BUILDING USE: Any damage done to the buildings will be assessed by the camp manager, and the group responsible will be charged for its repair. Do not play inside the cabins, mark on the walls or ceilings, or damage in any manner. Each cabin must be swept, trash deposited outside cabin and clean on Thursday morning.
  4. SWIMMING POOL: A lifeguard must be present at all swimming sessions. Do not enter the pool area until permission is granted by the lifeguard. No running, no food or drink containers inside the pool area. Swimmers must be covered & wearing shoes/flip flops while walking to and from the pool. Every swimmer, including chaperones, will obey commands of lifeguard or forfeit swim time.
  5. OUT OF BOUNDS: Boys are not permitted in the girl’s area of the camp, and girls are not permitted in the boy’s area, except when loading or unloading your group.
  6. CAFETERIA: No meals will be eaten outside the cafeteria. After eating, each camper must remove plates, cups, and silverware to the garbage area at the south side of the cafeteria.
  7. ATTENDANCE: All campers are required to attend all Bible study classes, track activities and services at the worship center.
  8. CHAPERONES/SPONSORS: There must be one responsible adult (over 19 years of age)* for every 7 campers from your group. The chaperones are responsible for discipline and dress of their group. *Sponsors 18 years of age are allowed on a case by case basis and require a letter of recommendation from the church’s pastor.
  9. PROHIBITED: Laser pointers, firearms, fireworks, water pistols, water balloons, drugs, tobacco, tobacco products, and alcoholic beverages are prohibited on the camp grounds. Shaving cream or toothpaste used for pranks will not be allowed.
  10. ELECTRONICS: Cell phones, tablets, music players, video games, or other electronic devices will not be allowed on campus.
  11. SIDEWALKS: All campers should stay on sidewalks when walking from building to building.
  12. CAMPERS AGE/GRADE: All campers attending must be in the allotted grade (completed 3rd-6th grade). Due to the safety of the campers and limited number of camp spots available we cannot allow older or younger siblings to attend camp at this time. If you have questions please contact the camp director.

Find ministry cards, medication forms and more
in the group leader packet PDF